Licensing and Accreditation

Our team is fully licensed and insured for various professional contract shooting activities for feral animal control.

Firearms Licensing

NSW Category A/B/D Vertebrate Pest Animal Control (VPAC) - contract shooting on rural land.

NSW Category A/B Business or Employment (Other) - professional shooting on peri-urban land.

NSW Prohibited Weapons Permit (Silencer) - noise suppression of firearms. 


AHCPMG304 - Use firearms to humanely destroy animals.

HLTAID011 - Provide first aid.

HLTAID009 - Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).


Local Land Services registered professional kangaroo shooter.


20m public liability policy held for conducting professional contract shooting operations for feral animal control.


The equipment we use is specifically tailored for the job at hand. For peri-urban jobs like feral bird control in industrial areas and schools, we use night-vision equipped air rifles that are tuned for indoor work to prevent any damage to infrastructure.

For small to large rural jobs, we use appropriately sized firearms for the target feral animal, equipped with either night-vision or thermal optics to ensure the best chance of a successful operation. For feral animal control operations targeting multiple feral animals or large groups of feral animals, semi-automatic firearms are used to maximise our efficiency and give the greatest value for money for our customers.

Wherever possible, our firearms are fitted with suppressors to ensure the most effective results and the least amount of noise impact on surrounding areas. This is especially important in peri-urban and small-block rural jobs where nearby civilians or neighbouring properties may be alarmed by an un-suppressed gunshot.

Your Risk-Free Guarantee

If you're not 100% happy with our feral animal control results, only pay what you believe the results are worth. It's that simple.

Locations We Operate

Newcastle - Lake Macquarie - Central Coast - Hunter Valley - Tamworth - New England Area - NSW State-wide

We aren't afraid of travel so if you have a feral animal control need outside these locations, please let us know!