Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer feral animal control programs for rats, indian myna birds, pigeons, rabbits, hares, cats, foxes, wild dogs, pigs, goats, deer, donkeys, and any other feral animals you may have. 

We also offer control programs for native species like kangaroos and wallabies. For native animal control, landholder permits to harm native wildlife must first be obtained from your local NPWS Office. Please let us know if you need help with this application.

We do not offer any baiting or trapping services. That's not to imply that baiting or trapping isn't effective in appropriate situations. However, generally speaking, we believe the use of poison baits and traps is a non-selective and inhumane method of feral animal control.

Poison baits remain active for months and have the potential to harm native fauna and non-target species including domestic and working animals. The same harm potential also applies to various trapping methods.

A well-placed shot is the most effective and humane method of destroying a feral animal.

This is a tricky situation as some feral animals like foxes and wild dogs can be incredibly evasive. They certainly have a mind of their own and most times won't show up on schedule.  This can make it tough on any contract shooter and customer alike. 

We, of course, want to get great results for every customer, but the reality is, successful programs targeting evasive feral animals can take time and repeated visits. This is something we are upfront about and quote accordingly to ensure your expectations are realistic. 

Depending on your circumstances, we may well recommend you speak with a contractor who offers baiting or trapping services as this approach may be more effective.

On rural jobs, we primarily operate at night during the time feral animals are most active. For non-rural jobs like rat and pigeon control in an industrial building, we operate at a time outside your normal business hours.

Basically, we make every effort to be available when you need us, so we don't really have fixed operating hours.

We are based in Lake Macquarie, NSW, but we run feral animal control programs all over NSW. We are more than willing to travel, so if you have a feral animal control need anywhere in NSW or other states, please get in touch to see if we can help. Our travel costs are very minimal, and we love what we do, so we have no problem hitting the road.

We are licensed for conducting professional contract shooting operations on all land zoned for rural use plus all non-rural zones like business areas, industrial areas, recreational areas like golf courses, schools and council parks. Residential areas are excluded. However, special permission can be obtained in exceptional circumstances.

In most cases, yes, absolutely! Many night operations on rural land are far more effective with the landholder providing guidance and navigation around their property. This is important on initial visits to new blocks until we get the lie of the land. 

The only time we discourage the landholder from attending is during an operation targeting an extremely evasive feral animal where stealth and silence are paramount.

Our maintenance packages are provided as a cost-effective method to book-in multiple visits at a discount. However, we understand that situations and circumstances change all the time, so yes, you are more than welcome to cancel or modify any remaining site visits on your package without penalty. 

Some aspects like initial deposits are not refundable as this deposit is used for equipment and hardware purchases required for your visits, but any remaining unused services can be cancelled or modified. 

Please speak with us if you have any questions or concerns about our discounted maintenance packages.

Your Risk-Free Guarantee

If you're not 100% happy with our feral animal control results, only pay what you believe the results are worth. It's that simple.

Locations We Operate

Newcastle - Lake Macquarie - Central Coast - Hunter Valley - Tamworth - New England Area - NSW State-wide

We aren't afraid of travel so if you have a feral animal control need outside these locations, please let us know!