About AusTiger Conservation

AusTiger Conservation was founded on the belief that our native flora and fauna are worth protecting. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and contains a huge number of incredibly unique species of wildlife and plant life. The sad reality is that many of these species are under constant threat of extinction due to introduced feral animals. In recent years, feral animal numbers have exploded with very little done to control them.

The biggest challenges our native animals face are competition over food, becoming prey to an introduced predator, and massive damage to natural habitat and damage to waterways from hard-hoofed feral animals. All of this has a major impact on our native animals' quality of life, life expectancy, and ability to breed.

In Australia, it is a common misconception that shooters - both professional contract shooters and recreational hunters - are a bunch of mindless killers only seeking to destroy, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is that recreational hunters and professional contract shooters care very deeply about the animals we hunt and the feral animals we control. Every animal, whether it is harvested for meat or destroyed for reasons of feral animal control, deserves absolute respect and a humane death, which is the goal of every ethical shooter.

AusTiger Conservation's mission is to play the best part we can in effectively reducing feral animal numbers for businesses, supporting our farmers by protecting their livestock and crops, aiding in conservation efforts to ensure our unique wildlife endures for generations; and quite simply, to be out and about enjoying our beautiful country.


Jeff - on an arvo scout before a night working


Founder / Primary Marksman

Business owner, avid hunter, passionate conservationist, and a very average fisherman

Jeff comes from a family of butchers and farmers. Although he was raised in a small city, he spent a lot of his childhood and teen years on various farms learning the ropes. These years gave him a deep respect and love of the land, as well as skills in livestock and land management, and a good understanding of how things work in the bush.

His later years were spent hunting across rural and outback New South Wales, Queensland, and remote Northern Territory before getting involved in large-scale feral animal control operations on conservation land. It was the love of this experience and seeing the difference that it made to the land and our native animals that inspired him to become a professional contract shooter.

Jeff is committed to leaving our country a better place for future generations, so they can have the same enjoyment he has had for the majority of his life.

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Locations We Operate

Newcastle - Lake Macquarie - Central Coast - Hunter Valley - Tamworth - New England Area - NSW State-wide

We aren't afraid of travel so if you have a feral animal control need outside these locations, please let us know!